Sunday, May 2, 2010

Follow my progress!

This piece has just begun the transition from this sketch in my book to fabric and stitching. I did some late night stitching to get the heart in place after setting the woven nine patch on the backing.

It is very relaxing to sit at my worktable when it is so quiet. It feels like a stolen block of time, stolen from sleeping time of course, but well worth the loss of 30 minutes of rest.

I like the beginnings of the color combination. And again, hearts are a motif that resonate with me. I suppose some see these as cutesy or everyday but I am drawn to them. They convey so many meanings and relate back to many familiar references. Here, of course, I have used the "follow your heart" command. But how many of us can really say that we are able to make the choices that would take us down the path our heart would choose for us?

This nine patch is small, measuring only about 4 inches. I think it will call for a border, maybe a handwoven stripe or some checks, and then some subtle stitching patterns. We'll see.

Follow my progress. . . . . . .


  1. Maybe this is a silly question, but whats a nine patch?

  2. Oh, not a silly question. I have a tendency to use terms from different fiber techniques and this is a term that really comes from the quilters. In quilting a nine patch is nine small blocks of fabric sewn together in rows of three to form a larger block for a quilt. The nine patch that I was describing in the "Follow" piece is not sewn together at all but is made with three strips of fabrics woven together. It then looks like a nine patch but without the stitching. Thanks for being interested!