Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sock it to Me . . . . always knitting socks!

Sock knitting is my take-along project. It is a nice compact bundle to tuck into my work bag or to take in the car. (I can knit in the moving car without getting carsick even though I get nauseous from reading a single paragraph!) This green variegated is my current pair and I love the way they are knitting up. Though they are wool, they are quite light weight so I hope to wear them yet this spring.

My friend, Anna Karena, who taught me this sock pattern, told me that once you know how to knit socks you will always have a pair in the works. This does seem to be what has happened. I have settled into a routine of making a pair for each family member in rotation.

Cute toes, but Celia needed socks!

This is the most recent pair for daughter Celia - teal and hot pink being one of her favorite color combinations. Aren't they fun?!!

I should branch out and try some new sock patterns but this one makes such a great sock, I am hooked. All of our socks are made from the same pattern - just a great variety of yarns.

Any ideas for a new pattern to try next . . . . .suggestions?

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