Sunday, May 30, 2010

Summertime, and the weaving is easy!

I am trying something different this summer. We have this great screen porch and I have a small 4 harness table loom, seems like a perfect partnership. This was my first loom, purchased around 1980 (Wow . . . that sounds like a long time ago!). I have woven many things on it but in later years I have used it almost exclusively for rag mug rugs or coasters.

These denim coasters and other rag versions were a mainstay in my inventory for years, sold at art fairs and in my shop. They are easy to weave and a great project if you have just a few minutes here and there or limited concentration. That sounds like the definition of summer weaving!

I do not have room in my new studio space for this little loom and its stand so I have decided to make this my porch loom. I will use it in the screen porch all summer and weave up a supply of coasters. I am trying to design a cover to keep it dry and free of dust when not in use.

Weaving outdoors will be good. I haven't done that since my frame loom days!

Wish you could join me . . . . .

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