Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hot time, summer in the city . . .. .

What a summer!  We, too, have been engulfed by the heat here in Minneapolis as so many parts of the country have been.  This is unusual for us here in northern lake country but we have been trying to muscle through without too much whining!

We had a great break from the city heat island in June when we spent a week at Big Rock Resort on Leech Lake near Walker, MN.  We had four cabins on the lake shore with members of my extended family.  The group included my 79 and 83 year old parents, two of my three sisters, their husbands, our daughter and her beau, nieces, nephews, and even great nieces and nephews. Whew!  We enjoyed sitting on our decks, watching the birds, the boats, the lake and the kids.  The fishermen in the bunch had great luck which equaled a good time for them and a fish fry for us all! 



Closer to home, we are just getting to the end of a big home improvement project. This is mostly exterior work that we have postponed over the years . . . new windows, doors, siding, replace the deck and screen porch . . . a great facelift for our little ranch style house that has been our home for twenty + years.  It looks like a new place and makes us feel pretty spiffy.  (Oh, you know spiffy feels good!!)



Now our part of the work begins - lots of gardening, window treatments and interior trim painting, oh, and painting the screen porch.  No complaints though - we feel so lucky - and we will enjoy it with friends and family for many years to come!

Summer has not been very productive in my fiber world.  I have my "to do" lists written but my "excuses" list has been longer.  I accomplished bits of knitting on a new pair of socks and maintained my supply of origami box sets but summer's distractions have won out!

I do miss the structure and fulfillment of having projects in the works.  I beat myself up - - lazy! unorganized! unfocused!, etc. when I can't get going on a significant project.  This month I should be black and blue!  But then on the other hand, I know it all works better if I wait for inspiration and follow the muse.  Maybe my muse just likes cooler weather . . . . . . 

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