Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spring has sprung . . . . again!

Beautiful, subtle spring time blossoms make me hopeful.  Just hopeful in general and for no apparent reason, other than that spring blossoms exist again.  I love that resilience in us all, that we believe in spring coming every year.

I am gathering some spring-like weaving for my Etsy store.  This yellow and aqua cotton runner would look wonderful with a bouquet of the service berry blossoms from the photo above!

And this rag table runner has the colors of the swimming pool in the backyard, the pool not warm enough for swimming yet, but promising none the less.  It always makes the backyard come alive when the cover comes off of the pool and the aqua colored water sparkles in the spring sunshine.

I have this cotton runner in the shop stack, but I am not sure if I can part with it.  It is my handspun cotton yarn woven with a commercial warp. Then I embroidered a freeform pattern in a running stitch with the thread variegated down the length of the piece.  I am very attached to it!  Maybe because it speaks of spring to me also!

The soft colors and delicate blossoms of spring are soon gone so enjoy them while you can!  I will be trying to absorb as much as I can.  Summer is just around the corner. . . . . .

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