Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fading into fall . . . . . .

Time flies, cliche I know, but damn it, time does fly.  This summer that just began is already waning.  The days are transitioning from bright and colorful to softer, quieter colors, hints of shorter days to come.         

The vegetable garden is past its prime production.   

My babies are amazing young adults.  And Patrick and I both celebrated 61st birthdays --- really, time flies, sometimes at warp speed.

A walk through the park on the beautiful first day of September was a reminder of the fleeting unknowns of life.  My eyes were drawn to a brown, dried leaf falling from a tall tree.  It drifted ever so slowly, gracefully floating down to a gentle ending to its life.  It struck me what a perfect metaphor for the end of life this was.  This leaf was not buffeted by winds, pelted by rain or shredded by a hail storm.  It just let go and drifted to its end.  That is an ending that most of us would choose if we could, the ending we might wish for - - no wind or rain or hail - -  no disease or disaster or dementia, just a gentle floating through to our quiet ending.  Seasons come and go, as do we all.

Fall has always been my favorite season.  I will try to relish all it offers and not look too far ahead to the cold winds of winter.

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  1. the leaf metaphor and Fall is surely my favorite season. Though I love watching the snow fall, oh and the rush of spring...summer is too hot for me!