Sunday, February 19, 2012

Old patterns and cozy evenings

I pulled out a very old pattern from my weaving binder for my latest project on the 8 harness loom.  I wanted to revisit a scarf that I used to weave often, but haven't done for a long time.  I always have to pat myself on the back when I can actually find my hand written project sheets and notes from a long ago project.  Hurray!

Documenting project process is a habit I am glad I was taught and pursued most of the time.  I do wish that I had added notes of the results more consistently because as the years pass these are not always clear in my mind.  It would also be wise to photograph weavings before you sell them or give them away.  I do this now but did not in my early years of weaving.  Wish I had!!

This is a "lace" weave of sorts but obviously in a bulky version.  I am doing this brown and purple scarf in cotton chenille.  I know it looks rather open and loosely woven on the loom.  But once it is woven, it gets a finishing handwash, the yarns shrink and everything fluffs and tightens up.

As I mentioned, I have done this pattern in the past and in many different yarn combinations but always in yarns that do some shrinking and I have always loved the results.  There is a bit of the unknown involved but that is part of the fun!  I will try to remember to post a picture of the end product - before and after the shrink/wash.

I am just finished with a cowl knitted in sock yarn following a pattern given to me by Shawn Glidden of Acme Knits.  I met her at one of my favorite fine craft shows this winter.  Her booth was filled with beautiful knitting and she generously shares this cowl pattern on the back of her business card!  I couldn't resist trying it.  The pattern calls for one skein of sock yarn but I had a mix of two leftovers that I liked together.  I added the loop and button because I like a snuggly fit.  The little pattern detail is charming and I love the way it turned out.  And so, so cozy.  Thanks Shawn!

I am trying to resist the urge to start a jigsaw puzzle.  I always want to get lost in a big 1000 piece beauty when the weather is cold.  But then I am obsessed until I finish it and I usually draw Patrick in also. . . . . and we get absolutely nothing else done!  But as we know,  I am so weak . . . our evenings may be filled with puzzle pieces in the very near future!

Fill your evenings with your favorite cozy activity and enjoy.

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