Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sending wallhangings out into the world . . . .

 I am adding some of my larger scale pieces to my Etsy site this week.  I discovered that I have mixed feelings about this! Why?  These are always rolled up on top of the storage tubs that hold all my runner and placemat stockpile.  I have never really had a place to hang these since I closed my studio space at our shop.  We cannot even really enjoy them in any real way.  I just have trouble letting go.

I love creating these large wallhangings.  They feel like a real commitment to your craft when you are in the midst of them.  They were always a statement when they were displayed in the shop and I always  like imagining where people hang these when they are purchased.  I do the same thing when folks take home a runner or placemats but a wallhanging feels like a bigger commitment on their part also and chances are they aren't just tucked away in a closet.

I really love the colors in this blue piece and I have already listed this in the shop.  My heart feels a little tug when I think of it selling and going away.  Silly, I know, especially because at the same time I love the idea of this weaving having a place in the light of day, bringing color and texture to someone's home decor.  What can I say?!!

I also know that I am not creating large scale works right now for a variety of reasons.  But maybe moving these weavings will inspire me to explore something new.  Change is good!

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