Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Finally feeling like a Holiday Season

Yes, I admit it, I have been slow to get into the holiday spirit this year.  Perhaps it is because we haven't had any snow.  We do live in Minnesota where we would normally be shoveling out from under at least a couple of snowstorms by now.  Today it rained all day!  Patrick and I did finally put up our tree indoors and added lights and a tree to the deck outside the dining room.  I do love the sparkly lights this time of year.  It is already dark when I come home from work and I sit at the dining room table and enjoy the sparkle!  It helps. 

But today was the best.  We had the whole day with our kids.  This just doesn't happen anymore.  Like many of you, I'm sure, our kids are grown and out in the world on their own.

Our oldest, Joseph finished his Master's degree this past spring and is now living and working in Miami, Florida.  He is not able to get back very often but is here for the holidays.

Our daughter, Celia, is living here in the metro but has a place of her own and is in school full time.  She is very busy, working hard in school and though we see her regularly it is always short and sweet. But her semester is over and she is on break.

Patrick and I could both get time away from work so we recruited the kids to help with Christmas cookies.  It was so nice just to be together and made me quite nostalgic.   We made the mega batch of cookies, Sand Tarts.  They have been a tradition in Patrick's family for many years and are a perennial favorite.  We also made a batch of fudge and mixed up the dough for two kinds of cookies that now have to be chilled overnight before baking.  Quite productive!

But the best part was just being together.  We will have more  time together over the next two weeks before the kids have to get back to their responsibilities.  I still have some shopping to do and I haven't wrapped any gifts yet.  We hope to get to Nebraska to be with our extended family over the Christmas weekend so our days will be filled.  It made me treasure this very special family time today and made me feel lucky to have these two amazing young people in our lives.  They make us so proud everyday. Hug your kids whenever you get a chance.

I did finish a project on the loom in the last couple of weeks.  These are small table runners that match coasters that I made earlier this fall.  They are done with a cotton rug warp yarn and used denim strips as filler weft.  I love the look and feel of these materials and this particular pattern called Inspiration threading is also one of my favorites.  The grouped warp sequences lend themselves to so much variation, it is endlessly inspiring.

I hope you all have time with the people who are special to you during these holiday times, whatever form your holidays take.

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