Sunday, November 6, 2011

How can it be dark already?

Well, now that we have set our clocks back an hour this weekend my body clock will be all messed up for a week or so!  The clock here in the kitchen says 9:50 but I am wide awake and not nearly ready for bed.  There is no use fighting it, I might as well stay busy for an hour or so rather than tossing and turning in bed trying to sleep!  I know I will feel it in the morning when the alarm rings at six!  Aargh

I have spent most of my daylight hours this weekend trying to get caught up on photographing my work.  I am terribly behind so it was a must -do task at this point.  I haven't really devised a method for inventory,  product description and efficient photography for my Etsy products yet.  I feel that I am always just rushing to keep up and never really feeling in control.

I take most of my photos in my dining room using the wood floor as a background.  I also use a pretty white vintage linen piece as a backdrop for small pieces.  So each photo session is a production of dragging out these accessories and various props and getting the light just right and crawling around on my knees arranging things.....I feel quite unprofessional!  Of course, I am a non-professional photographer and I'm afraid it shows in my photos.

This sheet of poster board helps even out the light.  But my window of opportunity for good lighting  is short.  I keep meaning to do more reading to improve my photos but other tasks call more loudly!  I would rather be weaving or knitting.

On Nov. 1 this past week I took this picture of my "nearly wild" roses blooming away next to the drive in the front yard.  November 1st in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Roses! Amazing!

I have been enjoying this extended beautiful autumn weather.  I will be sorry to see the snow and cold arrive though we know it will.  I hope the winter is short, mild and less snowy than our 88 inch snow total of last year.

I just keep reminding myself, spring will come again and so will the roses . . . . . .

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