Monday, January 19, 2015

New items in Fringe Fiber . . . . .

I am in my hibernation mode this month.  The dark and cold weather just slows me down.  I was meant to be a bear perhaps.  I rallied all my energy and finally got photos taken of some completed weavings.  These will be listed in the shop later this week.

 I really think this soft but bright and cheerful table runner would be perfect for a Valentine's Day party. It is made with a mix of red and hot pink yarns and soft, knobby sock loops.  Just fun! 

This set of denim coasters  has a blue and coppery brown warp and is woven alternating denim strips with a two plied chenille yarn.  A nice warm touch with the blue denim!

Then I have several sets of these black with two shades of warm beige warp threads which are woven with a fabric strip that has the same colors.  The fabric was not an animal print but the finished woven product definitely has that look - maybe leopard skin!!!  

So I am weaving a bit while I basically hibernate through this month.  I may come out of hiding in February and that would be a good thing because it is hard to be very productive when you are doing the winter bear thing!!

Hope it is sunny and a bit warmer than Minnesota where you are.  Spring will come .  .  .   carry on! 

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