Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Thoughts at a new year's beginning . . . . .

I am thinking a lot about transitions with the approaching beginning of a new year.  My family speaks to so many of life's transitions right now.  My husband, Patrick, and I are 63 years old, our son, Joseph is 28, daughter Celia, 25, my mother is 82 and my dad, 86.  What a span of years we represent! And with that span we are experiencing some of life's most challenging transitions.

Joseph and Celia are navigating those wonderful years of young adulthood -- new jobs, relationships, finances and responsibilities!  Patrick and I are contemplating when and how to spend our fast approaching retirement years.  And my parents have this past year been overwhelmed by advancing age and uncooperative bodies with health issues that have led to their move to a nursing home.  

The emotions in our household are sometimes a bit over-the-top.  Some days I want to step on the brakes and shout that I am not ready for any of this.  How did we get here?

But of course, there is much joy and pride in watching Joseph and Celia grow and make the choices that are shaping their lives.  Somedays we just cheer for them -- go for it! great job!!

Patrick and I talk a lot about our upcoming retirement years with a sense of optimism even if it is all a bit uncertain now.  We have many decisions to make and we are fortunate to have options.

My parents' options, of course, have diminished.  It is a hard process to watch and be a part of, but we feel lucky to still be sharing this time and space with them.  We treasure each day.

Every day brings news from one front or another and we all just hold each other up when needed, cheer the victories and weather the defeats.  In this new year we will keep moving forward together. Grateful.

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  1. Well said. I admire your grace. I admire your patience. I admire your optimism.