Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Still on the loom!

Still on the loom!  That is the only sad report I can give on the progress of the denim coasters.  Sad and a bit embarrassing.  I have had no motivation to work consistently on these.  Three sets have been woven so enough warp for 5 or 6 coasters remains.  I decided to add a fat plied yarn to the last 2 sets just to vary the weaving.

This also gave me an excuse to ply 6 strands of bronze colored rayon chenille into a nice thick yarn.  I now hope to get two sets of coasters with this chenille alternating with the denim strips.  This should be a nice pop with this particular warp of blue, brown and bronze.

The socks that could never be finished are finally finished!  Honestly, I have forgotten when I started these but I have been knitting them forever.  The second sock took an especially long time.  I'm surprised that they match and that the first one hasn't faded while waiting in the knitting basket!

I started this new pair the very next evening.  I love the feel of these already.  I am using a 3 ply yarn that I made from 3 cones of yarn I found at a garage sale years ago - I believe it's acrylic, which is usually not my first choice, but I love the weight of the plied product, a little heavier than standard sock yarn and the knitted rib top has a nice hefty feel.  I guess it is an experiment to see how this yarn performs as a sock.  We'll see. 

I am considering my next project carefully, scouring magazines and books for inspiration,  I want to do a pattern that I haven't done before or adapt one I love to a new use. Celia set me on this quest when she suggested that I should weave something totally different!  Change is good. Celia will recognize this mantra - she evidently will use it to influence me now!

So, all right  . . . . . .   Change is good!

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  1. Yay! Glad to see you're taking my advice and embarking on a new adventure!