Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Excuses, excuses!

Can I say that I have been caught up in so many whirlwinds of activity that this blog has been ignored too long? I am sorry for that. It has been on my mind, really! I have had much happening in my personal and family life.

The big event this spring was our son's graduation. Joseph earned his Master of Music degree from Yale. We flew to New Haven, CT. for his commencement which was quite spectacular! We are so proud of all his hard work and passion for what he does.

We also helped him move out of his apartment and drove the moving van back to Minneapolis. He is storing his stuff in our garage until August when he moves to Miami, FL. He has accepted a fellowship position as oboist with the New World Symphony. Congratulations, Joe.

But all this busy-ness is an excuse that doesn't quite cover the lack of activity here. I have felt a bit of malaise in my fiber work. Maybe it is spring fever. Yard and garden work have been distractions and my thoughts are often in those spaces rather than the weaving studio. I have not finished the scarf that has been on the loom since early May. It is nearly done, if I get any points for that.

It is not that I have done Nothing! I have knitted a pair of socks since I last posted here and a couple of brightly colored, simple dishclothes. I have been making new origami box sets and collaged stickers that will be in my Etsy shop soon. These are enjoyable summer paced projects. I guess I am just feeling guilty about not producing more and not writing here! I should just stop that - - the guilty stuff, that is!

I am resolved to get back to my yarns and looms. Several sketches and weaving drafts are waiting for execution. But, it is June and the weather is promising and we have baseball tickets and the swimming pool is inviting!

What can I say? . . . . . . . I'll do my best!


  1. ah the son and the music! My son also has a University Degree in music and I remember bringing him home too, along with eight guitars!!

  2. They do seem to collect a lot of "stuff" ! Joseph is an oboist so he brought two oboes and an English horn. Smaller than eight guitars!!