Monday, August 2, 2010

Uninvited guests. . . . .

These uninvited quests are not distant relatives arriving for extended visits but cute little animal pests in the garden and yard. CHIPMUNKS!! We have noticed their digging in the back yard and around the step at the front door.

Just look at that face! Adorable. But they are very messy and incredibly loud. They have an incessant, angry chirp when they feel you are invading their space. So Patrick has begun the second season of involuntary chipmunk relocation, i.e. trapping followed by a scenic drive to the neighborhood park.

I think he must have moved a whole family by now. Number seven was lured by peanut butter and bird seed, then carried off to join his brothers, sisters, cousins in the new chipmunk suburban development. Lovely green space with a view of the pond.

The cute little baby bunnies in the neighborhood have lost some of their charm, too, as they have been nibbling on the veggies at the edges of the garden. Unfortunately there isn't much hope for trapping and relocating them - this would be an endless task! So we are doing our best to just relax about them and the backyard has been the perfect spot for relaxation.
I wish summer didn't have to end!

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