Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer spinning

I haven't spent any time at my spinning wheel in ages. I was reminded of this by the discovery of a large bag of wool fibers, found while reorganizing during our remodeling. I had not completely forgotten it was there but in the hub-bub of the project it was inaccessible. Out of sight, out of mind.

I spin on a Louet wheel and have been spinning since the late 1970's. I learned to spin before I had a loom. I took a class at a yarn store in the Old Market in Omaha, Nebraska and was hooked. I spun so much yarn that I knew I would eventually have to have a loom to use it all.

Now this wool fiber is on my project list which means I need a plan to get it all spun this summer. Some of the smaller quantities may be used in felting projects but most will become yarns for weaving. Summer is a good time to work through wool fiber as you can do some of the messier picking and carding outdoors.

This is my first spinning wheel. It is a handmade wheel based on an Ashford castle style. I still use this wheel occasionally but my Louet is so much more efficient that I stick with it most of the time.

This white wool is first on my list. The plan is for this to eventually be a two ply yarn and probably to be dyed some very luscious color. I will post photos of the results as available. . . . . . .

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