Saturday, July 3, 2010

A room with a loom!

Time spent at the loom this past week brought tears to my eyes - it has been so long! We recently finished remodeling the lower level of our house where my home weaving studio was located. This project spanned the high school graduation of our daughter, closing our fine craft shop and weaving studio, a job change, the loss of my husband's precious parents and moving our son across the country to graduate school. We are finally enjoying the space again and that means that my looms, spinning wheels and glorious yarns are once again at home in a real studio space.

Though more compact than years ago, it is a marvelous space. My indoor photos are not great but these will give you a sense of what it is like. Very comfortable, nice lighting, good views of the back yard and a nice music system. What more could I need!

Once again my tools, supplies and yarn stash are organized. I still have some warp yarns in boxes but I do know where everything is now.

The looms have been calling me again. I missed my old MaComber, but the muscle memory for throwing the shuttle is still there! This warp holds two small runners in a traditional Swedish lace pattern. I warped these with the intent that they would be for my kids. I don't weave this pattern very often, but I do love it. I also like the idea of my son and daughter each having one of these in their lives.

So this lovely Swedish lace must be completed as more projects are in the queue for this loom. It is a daunting first project after a long absence from weaving on my 8 harness. I wouldn't consider it a "dog on the loom" just yet, but a high hurdle to jump in order to move on to a fresh project.

This is going to be a great place to weave. So, run, run, run . . . . . . JUMP!

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