Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring Fever in our garden...

This beautiful, warm weather and lots of sunshine is unusual for us here in Minnesota at this time of year but we will take every bit. The earliest little peeks of color are such a boost after our long, gray winter. SPRING FEVER!

We spent a large part of three vacation days working over our backyard . There was just too much plant material that requires way too much maintenance. Many of the plants were very overgrown, spreading out of shape and out of control! So we decided to simplify. This kind of simplification took a lot of hard work but we love the result. And it will require less work over time. Once the newly arranged beds fill out I will post pictures. Can't wait.

The cherry tree is just luminous with all of its white blossoms - that probably means lots of cherries (and pies) later!

A trip around the yard can always inspire a project and send me back to the work table. Love the textures of the woodpile, especially these copper river birch logs.

The smallest and simplest of things can spark an idea. Though the stitching tends to want to split the bark, maybe this will be the prototype for a larger piece at some point.

Soak up the spring time.......

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