Friday, February 21, 2014

Winter goes on . . . . . but the weaving is good!

So much snow here in Crystal, MN.  We had another ten inches yesterday and overnight.  I am getting extra exercise from shoveling and I feel like my last two months of working on the weight circuit at the gym has helped me get in shape for flinging snow!  We must be close to 60 inches of snowfall for this season!  We are running out of room to pile it all.

February finds me in the midst of a flurry of placemat and coaster activity on my weaving schedule -- hopefully a time of finishing placemats and coasters.  I was very slow-pokey about tying the fringes on the multi colored mats shown here.   They have been off the loom for some time now (I'm not confessing to exactly how long that has been!).  But they are finished now and will be in the Etsy shop this weekend.  Yay!

Going onto the MaComber 8 harness loom this weekend is this warp combination for rag placemats that should be warm and rich.  These burgandy, rust and coppery brown warp yarns will weave up beautifully with the brownish purple rag.  I am excited to see these take shape!

Poor Maxi-puppy must feel like he is in a maze in the backyard.  He really cannot see over the sides of the paths that we have shoveled for him.  He has lost sight of his favorite neighbors, Sandy and Brad, though he still tries to catch a glimpse.

These photos were taken before our additional ten inches of snow last night.  Now we just have to hope for an early spring so Maxi can escape this claustrophobic backyard!

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  1. Love the mats you're finishing up and the upcoming ones looks so YUMMY! I'm hoping for an early spring not just for Maxi, but for all of us!