Thursday, September 5, 2013

Oh, the days dwindle down to a precious few . . . .

Life seems to go in fits and spurts of activity, then into the doldrums and hours of accomplishing nothing, with no predictable pattern.  Some weeks are filled with much excitement or at least activity and then days of boredom, if not drudgery.

Onto this unpredictable pattern we try to overlay an actual schedule of work, meals, chores, precious hours with family and time for art.  It is a wonder we can keep it all together as well as we do.

Our summer in Minneapolis was a strange mix of weather.  And so we never seemed to get in a real summer frame of mind. I promised myself some evenings of spinning and blocks of time to get projects on and off the loom, but the summer slips away.

I have been far removed from any fiber work except for some sock knitting. I think because it is a project easily picked up for short bouts, I can always fit it into my day.  I try to remember to carry a sock-in- progress with me to work for lunch hour knitting.

I have enjoyed working my way through a new (new to me) sock technique - toe up socks, one at a time.  I used the pattern from Pink which has an accompanying video instruction.  The tutorial takes you through the whole sock knitted on #5 needles with worsted weight yarn.  

They knitted up quickly, I liked the finished product and though I am sure the pattern is for teaching purposes I have purchased yarn for a second pair.  These will be the perfect sock for Birkenstock sandals (alas, ever the old hippie!) for the cool fall weather that is just around the corner.

We shall see if September will bring the motivation and free time to fill with spinning, weaving,  knitting and all things fiber.  The early days of fall still do promise warm hours for swimming, outdoor grilling and soaking up the colors of the garden. But like this poor, fading daylily, the summer weather fades.  

Relish it while you may.

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