Saturday, December 29, 2012

Family and Holiday Update

Hurray, I am happy to say that Mom is much better.  Her recovery from the flu has been slow but the doctor and common sense says that is to be expected when you are almost 80 years old.  She promises us that she is taking it easy, not trying to do more than the basics and resting as much as possible.  Over the phone she sounds stronger. Dad and Mom enjoyed a fun Christmas celebration with my sisters and their families.

I still have not been able to make the trip to see them in Nebraska.  What with weather issues (snow & wind), work and holiday travel schedules, the drive has not been possible.  I plan to go as soon as we have a weekend that promises safe driving conditions.  Patrick will go along and we will celebrate a belated holiday with them.  Hoping that can happen soon.  

Our holiday season here in Minnesota has been perfect.  Joseph arrived the Wednesday before Christmas and flies back to Miami tomorrow morning, Sun. Dec., 30.  We managed to schedule a cookie baking day with Celia here, too.  We ended up baking 4 of our "must-have" Xmas cookies: Sand Tarts, Smor Kringlers, Spritz, and Candy Bar Cookies.  I will add these to my recipe pages in case you all want to try these Swedish favorites.  ( Candy Bar Cookies - not so much Swedish!)
Christmas eve here was a warm, cozy, and low key family evening with Patrick, Joe, Celia and Jake = wonderful!  And Maxi, the dog, had a great time with all his people here.

 We hope all of you had your favorite kind of holiday, too!

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