Friday, September 9, 2011

Paper (fiber!) Love

For months now I have been captivated by a couple of origami patterns.  I am addicted to making these box sets.

My family and friends save safety envelopes and recycled paper of all types for me!  Part of the satisfaction of making these little cuties is that they are all upcycled materials.

Even the buttons come from the vintage and salvaged buttons in my ever-growing collection.  I cannot resist a button and none are too common to be discarded!

Then, as I mentioned in an earlier post to this blog, I got started folding paper cranes for The Brain Injury Association here in Minneapolis.  This was a huge success for them and has caught on with some other chapters around the country.  Check your local chapter to see if they have started a drive in which you could get involved.  This was quite spectacular - approximately 140,000 paper cranes!

Folding the paper cranes was just too much fun to stop.  I combined the crane with the little boxes to make this "Little bit of Luck" box.  Fun, fun!  

My daughter, Celia, brought an outdated Minneapolis city map book so of course, MAP Boxes!!  I'm not sure where all this box folding will lead but there are seemingly limitless paper options and oodles of ways to embellish the folded product so it could go on and on and on and. . . . . .

(P.S.  These are all available in my Etsy Shop)

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  1. I found your blog on pinterest! I love what you do!!