Saturday, February 26, 2011

A long winter

I have been absent from this space again for longer than I intended. I feel as though I have spent way too much time shoveling snow. We have already had 75 inches of snow this season and we have our heaviest snow month ahead of us!

It has been beautiful at times but the beauty gets overshadowed by the difficulties of driving in the snow and ice, by the seemingly endless job of removing 75" of snow from sidewalks, steps, driveways and roofs.

But we have had some help with moving the snow. This is our daughter, Celia and her beau, Pat in the background, shoveling many pounds of snow off of the deck in hopes that it will not collapse under the weight. So far, so good - it is still there! Thanks kids.

Many of the storms this winter have impacted weekends! It has kept us close to home and made it impossible for us to visit our family in Nebraska since before Thanksgiving! We miss them all very much. So we are ready for spring on many levels.

Patrick and I also took a 5 day trip to New Haven, Ct. with daughter, Celia to visit our son, Joseph. During our visit Joseph performed his recital for completion of a Masters of Music in oboe performance from Yale. He will graduate this spring. It was amazing - we are so proud of him. The trip was a great time with the kids, something we don't get a lot of now that they are both busy young adults, building their own lives. Hey, and aren't they just great looking kids?

And yet with all this going on I have tried to immerse myself in organizing my efforts to sell work once again. And, WOW, because I am trying to do this mainly online there is a huge and steep learning curve for me. Some days it makes me feel old! It is also exhilarating to learn these new processes and take baby steps toward a goal. Love these little box sets, you can check these out in my shop.

I do have my Etsy shop, KristiePeters - Fringe Fiber, and I have been listing new items for sale, have joined a team of weavers, and am trying various promotional strategies. By way of my Etsy team I have jumped into placing photos on Flickr but I need to keep upgrading my photos. This is my next big priority.

I am trying, as always, to complete the ever present unfinished projects. The sketches for new pieces are building up on my bulletin board. And I am back to the looms a little more.

Spring must be just around the corner . . . . . . . . .


  1. Loved reading this and congratulations on everything you have achieved and are achieving.
    PS I would love for some of that snow to come here. I miss blizzards!

  2. Oh be careful what you wish for! With the way the weather is changing everywhere perhaps a blizzard is not impossible for you!

  3. Great to see your progress Kris, I feel your pain in some of it (snow and the technology stuff!). Keep at it, I look forward to reading and seeing more!