Saturday, January 8, 2011

Knitted cuffs . . . . . textile jewelry!

I am charmed by the idea of cuffs because they can be an excuse to wear more textiles. Textiles as jewelry. They move beyond macrame bands or small crocheted, beaded ropes. The possibilities seem unlimited and challenging.

I have seen beautiful, charming, exotic, simply fun, gorgeously lavish, and romantically recycled examples made by many artists. How can one resist trying some of your own?

This knitted, ribbed design feels comfortable to wear, rather cozy. It makes me want to knit a matching cuff for the other arm. They feel like they should be a pair!

All of the cuffs that I have completed are the knitted type. They are fun to knit and the embellishments just seem to suggest themselves! I have a denim example and a crochet and wool felt piece in the works. The sewn fabric designs feel more contemporary somehow and seem to open themselves up to embellishment with a great variety of materials. My first inclination has been to go with buttons, colored threads - traditional sewing notions. But I can feel that quirkier bits will find their way to the fabric - what fun!

Some of these cuffs will be for sale in my Etsy shop this week.
Take a look . . . . . Fringe Fiber by Kristie Peters


  1. Thanks, I am having fun doing these, at the expense of household tasks, of course, one of the good things about finding all these sorts of distractions!