Friday, October 15, 2010

Craving Carbs! ! !

I always miss baking in the summer. Or do I just miss the home baked goodies? Well, whatever. . . I bake far less in the heat of the summer than in the cooler weather so I am always craving cookies, scones, zucchini bread, chocolate cake . . . .need I go on?

Okay, so I did raise the temperature of the house and the electric bill to run the air conditioner a couple of times. I baked these chocolate chip cookie bars earlier in the summer. I used a recipe from my friend, Mary Lynn in Omaha, given to me years ago when we both worked there for Mangelsen's. Still my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. Check the recipe out on my page listing.

We had lots of zucchini from our garden that could be made into bread, bars, muffins or zucchini chocolate cake. So even when it was too hot to bake all those goodies we grated it up and froze it in 1 cup portions for future use. Waste not, want not!!

And now that it is getting cooler again, I can get back into baking mode. This is sister-in-law, Suzanne's zucchini bread recipe. It is in the pages list also . . . you will love it!

I will add my zucchini chocolate cake recipe next and soon a photo of the fresh cake. . . . .Umm!

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