Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Follow . . . . . look where this has led.

This stitched piece has been perfect for a summer project. It is small and I have worked on it at a very relaxed pace, usually only stitching for 10 to 15 minutes at a sitting.

I finished the checked border before adding the stitching in the main body of the piece was finished. This may feel a little "out of order" to more traditional stitchers or quilters but I needed the border to be done as some of the background "heart paths" overlapped and show on the border checks. I had to trust that I would still like the check border when it was done. And I do.

I also needed to decide if this little 4" square was complete. Looking at it now I think it is. I don't see more pieces added to it or any extended borders. I like what it is, as it is!

Working on "Follow", my little heart piece, has inevitably led to another one. Here is the first of what feels like many hearts in organza! The sketch is still too sketchy to share but it will take shape soon. I have a work tray of many gathered materials to insert in these and I like the transparency of the organza. So I am working on ideas to maintain that ethereal feel. A title has already presented itself for this piece but I will save that for later!

Remember . . . . . . always follow your heart.

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